The company pays special attention to environment protection, occupational health and safety of people. Raising awareness on environment protection and occupational health among the management and employees is being conducted through a systematic education of all employees. The quality of knowledge, skills and abilities of employees tends to be used to their fullest for team work in order to realize work assignments. The management encourages continuous training among employees in order to acquire knowledge on quality, environment protection and work safety, as well as raising awareness on possible consequences their work activities may have on the environment, health and safety.

Special attention is paid to management of the work environment in a way the work environment is determined and maintained on a level that is needed for achieving quality service which is in accordance with the law and associated regulations, which also prevents contamination of the natural environment and reduces negative effects on health and safety.


The company has established, documented, applied, maintained and continuously improved its integrated system for health and safety at work management in accordance with the international standard BS OHSAS:2007.

The system is being implemented continuously through identification of hazards, risk assessment and determination of regulations/measures, and it also includes identification and access to statutory requirements, accepting and responding to requests of other interested parties. The company periodically implements assessment of compliance and statutory and other requirements that the company is obliged to comply with.

Communication, participation and counseling on health and safety at work may include accepting, documenting and answering all the questions by interested parties on occupational health and safety at work, as well as answering questions by the government representatives on planned actions in emergency situations and on other statutory requirements.

Through bilateral communication the company tries to build such a relation with all interested parties which shall lead to agreements and long-term collaboration.

Such communication includes the following:

  • Informing all the stakeholders on the policy and goals of the integrated management system for quality, environment protection, occupational health and safety at work
  • Internal communication among various levels and functions within the company, communication with contractors and other company visitors
  • Monitoring and analyzing feedbacks from external interested parties

The company employees are involved into activities related to identification of hazards, risk assessment, determination of regulations/measures, investigation of incidents, development and evaluation of policies and goals, consultations in the case of changes and all other matters regarding health protection and safety at work. The employees may be involved with direct participation in implementation of the above stated activities or indirectly by leaving messages in inbox or by giving information to a competent office within the company by any means of communication (verbal, by telephone, e-mail, etc.).


The company has established, documented, applied and continuously improved its integrated environment management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001:2004.

During the process of establishing significant environment aspects, the following are being taken into consideration:

  • Emissions into air
  • Emissions into water
  • Waste Management
  • Soil pollution
  • Usage of raw materials and natural resources
  • Other local issues regarding environment and community

The system is continuously implemented through:

  • Identification and management of environment aspects
  • Waste treatment
  • Collection and waste disposal
  • Identification and evaluation of environment aspect
  • List of refrigerants
  • List of refrigerants on the job site
  • Manual on Occupational Health and Safety and Fire Protection

Assessment on compliance with statutory and other requirements that the company is obliged to comply with is being implemented periodically.


  • EHS
  • Nature and the Environment

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