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We are qualified for the assembly of gas and steam turbine plants as well as the assembly of auxiliary power plants while respecting  the world`s highest standards of safety and quality. Our services include the entire assembly process ranging from the organization of the building site, preparation of the turbine pedestal, supervision of work, testing the functionality to commissioning the plant in drive. All work is accompanied by the overall project documentation. We have worked on the assembly of all mayor projects in Croatia, which we can prove in our reference list.



We perform the overhaul of gas and steam  turbines  as well as the pump generating units, compressors and all types of armatures. Our work includes the inspection of the parts, repair and all necessary actions before the final  commissioning of the plant. Apart from overhaul we provide preventive and corrective maintenance of the plants. We act professionally and in accordance with prescribed norms in all business processes.



We carry out defecation and dismantling of power plants professionally, trying to adapt as much as we can to the specific needs of our clients. We organize and offer transport and assembly of the plant on a new location, and dispose the dismantled material. We also respect the highest professional, security and environmental standards during the process of dismantling.

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