Hydroturbine bearings overhaul in HE Ozalj

Third year in a row company ZOR is present in HE Ozalj. This year's task was to inspect, check and change bearings on three Francis and two Kaplan turbines in HE Ozalj. Overhaul is finished succesfully and turbines are working at full power. [more]

Condensation pumps overhaul in Block C TE-TO Zagreb

Company ZOR in August 2013. overhauled condenzation pump heater boiler water, type KVL 37,5-20,5 and condenzation pump type KSV 320-160 in Block C in TE-TO Zagreb. Works included dismantling, cleaning pump parts, dimensional control of position[more]

Repair of Mud Pump for ArcelorMittal Zenica

It was again company ZOR entrusted to make repairs on another type of Mud Pump for ArcelorMittal Zenica. Similar pump and same result - pump was repaired and operates at full power. [more]

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