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Hydroturbine bearings overhaul in HE Ozalj

Third year in a row company ZOR is present in HE Ozalj. This year's task was to inspect, check and change bearings on three Francis and two Kaplan turbines in HE Ozalj. Overhaul is finished succesfully and turbines are working at...[more]

Condensation pumps overhaul in Block C TE-TO Zagreb

Company ZOR in August 2013. overhauled condenzation pump heater boiler water, type KVL 37,5-20,5 and condenzation pump type KSV 320-160 in Block C in TE-TO Zagreb. Works included dismantling, cleaning pump parts,...[more]

Repair of Mud Pump for ArcelorMittal Zenica

It was again company ZOR entrusted to make repairs on another type of Mud Pump for ArcelorMittal Zenica. Similar pump and same result - pump was repaired and operates at full power. [more]

Petrokemija Kutina-Winter Overhaul

In January 2013. company ZOR overhauled turbines TC 52 101 (880 kW ) i TP 45 117 (185 kW) in Petrokemija Kutina and made revisions on 3 turbines.  Our employees were hired to help leading fitters of Petrokemija too, to help...[more]

TE-TO Osijek 45 MW - repairs on flanged joints of hot water heaters

At the end of August and begining of September company Zor repaired flanged joints on hot water heaters in TE-TO Osijek 45 MW. Revisions were made on injection of shutoff valves and on hot water piping shutters too. [more]

ArcelorMittal Mud Pump

Mud pump which we repaired for ArcelorMittal was our assignment for our workshop.   The pump, made in former Czechoslovakia and installed in Zenica 35 years ago, wasn’t in function.  ZOR workman managed in short...[more]

Works on LP part of 125 MW steam turbine Plomin 1

During April, ALSTOM and ZOR started works on LP part of 125 MW turbine Plomin 1 and power plant auxiliaries. Work lasted for more than 3 months and during that time AMAC01, LP casing, pipings, bearings were overhauled. [more]

HE OZALJ 2.7.2012. 2.8.2012. Overhauling Francis hydro turbines A, B and C

HEP- Croatian electric company entrusted ZOR d.o.o. overhauling three Francis type hydro turbines  in power plant Ozalj. Replacements have been made on middle and lower part of turbine bearings. A pedestal bearing has...[more]

Overhauling stop, reducting and safty valves in Osijek Power Plant

ALSTOM and Zor in July 2012 overhauled stop, reducting and safty valves of block 45 MW in  TE-TO Osijek (Osijek Power Plant). Works included revision of all feed pumps, dismantle of piping, recovering stop valve flow,...[more]

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